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Rainwater Harvesting Systems Eligible for Bellingham

On Sunday, April 5, the Bellingham Herald had an article on grants for Rainwater Harvesting materials in Bellingham, "Rainwater harvesting systems eligible for Bellingham money." Check out the article by clicking HERE.


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Consultation, design and installation for large scale water storage 

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" CJ and his team at Northwest Rain Solutions have been amazing to work with and have been a lifesaver in finding a solution to our water issues on Lummi Island. CJ’s competence, experience, professionalism, and knowledge are unsurpassed! We built our dream home on Lummi Island with completion in 2007. Prior to that in 2005 we had a well drilled which at the time produced 1.75 gallons per minute but the water contained glacial silt. Unfortunately, we found the silt would not clear so, at considerable expense, we added a pump house with an osmotic filter system. This removed the silt, but required frequent backwashes to do so. The system served us well over the next twelve years though on a rare occasion of high use during the dryer season we found ourselves with borderline production. Under the guidance of CJ we have installed a marvelous rain catchment system utilizing a 27,000 gallon galvanized steel tank with the capacity to supply us with an annual average of around 60,000 gallons of clean, safe, potable water. This is enough to be our sole supply of water should the need ever arise. Meanwhile, we have designated our well production as an auxiliary supply which we electively use when desired. The entire system is impressively classy with minimal maintenance and a near effortless supply of natural, pure. and tasty water. Island life is much simpler now! MANY THANKS TO CJ AND NORTHWEST RAIN SOLUTIONS! " -Sandy and Dan Austin

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Northwest Rain Solutions is dedicated to finding reasonable and affordable methods to promote sustainable development using on-site rainwater harvesting and stormwater management.  

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