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Patent 10,619,331

The WaterFrog emitter box is essential to any wet conveyance system! Our innovative, trusted design successfully controls stormwater during heavy rainfall. Unlike dry conveyance systems, a wet conveyance system paired with our patented WaterFrog emitter allows the freedom of placing rainwater storage tanks away from your building, even uphill from the collection site, without any risk of freezing pipes or back-flooding. This system’s versatility makes it highly valuable on building sites with space restrictions.


Benefits:   emitter close

- Local stormwater code compliance
- Effective on sites with low permeability
-Eliminate flooding safety hazards
- Eliminate ground erosion due to stormwater
- Eliminate unsightly swamp conditions
- Pair with raingardens for curb appeal with low maintenance landscaping
- Fire protection and emergency preparedness
- Save on water costs and reduce strain on local aquifers
- Reduce pollution to local watersheds


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