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Learn more about an organization that helps educate about rainwater catchment.

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Rainwater collection, including rain barrels, is certainly nothing new; humans have been doing it for thousands of years.  However, with the advent of cheap, potable water delivered right to your doorstep, those who harvest rain have become somewhat of an anomaly.  This is changing in Washington State, largely for three reasons:

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Lake Whatcom HIP

Improve your property, Protect Lake Whatcom

Get Reimbursed

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Check it out! Northwest Rain Solutions was interviewed on Radio Real Estate regarding rainwater harvesting.

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If you live in Whatcom County there must be some small part of you that likes wearing perpetually wet shoes and the challenge of walking to your car after work without an umbrella. Not unlike our coffee, beer and sword ferns, the Pacific Northwest rain is plentiful. Much of it, however, immediately turns into stormwater runoff, which carries pollutants into our local waterways and drinking water, creating harmful living environments for ecosystems and the community alike. Luckily, there are many ways rainwater can be managed and used to benefit not only the environment but individual residents and commercial businesses.

Thank you Whatcom Talk for featuring this article on rainwater harvesting and stormwater management!

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Backyard Swamp

Lawn in the backyard was a swamp, spongy through summer

Low point collects neighbor’s stormwater runoff

River rock infiltration and dispersion swale

What was once a stormwater trap is now a functioning stormwater infiltration and dispersion system!  

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Installed By: Northwest Rain Solutions, LLC 

Location: Georgetown Seattle, WA 

Stormwater Management: Rainwater Harvesting 

Pre-filtration: WISY 6” prefilter 

Problem: Elysian Brewery located in Georgetown Seattle expanded its warehousing into a new building next door but needed to manage on-site peak flow of rainfall from the 33,000 square foot impervious roof during rain events. There was little room to include a bio-retention or other form of stormwater management onsite...

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On Sunday, April 5, the Bellingham Herald had an article on grants for Rainwater Harvesting materials in Bellingham, "Rainwater harvesting systems eligible for Bellingham money." Check out the article by clicking HERE.


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